Thai hieronta Varkaus

thai hieronta Varkaus

understand why you would just request to rename the subpages. Leave notice of the move review in helsinki erotic massage pettämissivusto victoria milan the same section as, but outside of and above the closed original move discussion. On the closer's talk page, you can probably resolve the matter much more quickly. The consensus for the moves was correctly determined, so move review isn't the place. Put'r there 12:30, (UTC) It was already stated earlier on the talk page that the new code was going be at Module:Rail, then for each template that was tested to be OK, invoke Module:Rail. This is a move review, where we review the contents of the closed discussion, not bring up new points. There is a related discussion at Module talk:Rail#Module redirect. Before requesting a move review: please attempt to discuss the matter with the closer of the page move discussion on the closer's talk page. When closer closer's username and closer_section section header on closer's talk page where there was discussion about the close are correctly filled in, the result will include a "Discussion with closer" link to that discussion. Evidence should be limited to demonstrating that the RM closer did or did not follow the spirit and intent of WP:rmci in closing the page move discussion. The main controversy when renaming a module lies in the fact that a redirect cannot be left behind after the move, so every page that is implemented by that module must be changed to reflect the new module name. Relist Not Moved Not Moved Reopen and relist RM Open. Providing evidence such as page views, ghits, ngrams, challenging sourcing and naming conventions, etc. Endorse Close Not Moved Not Moved No Action Required Closed. Instead, attempt to discuss it with the editor, and if the matter continues to be unresolved, start a formal.

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Active discussions edit 2019 March edit Patrick Moore (consultant) edit Patrick Moore (consultant) ( talk edit history logs links cache watch ) ( RM ) ( Discussion with closer ) Closure was by an involved user with no previous. Contrary to this, he still closed by moving the DAB to base. I don't see evidence of a supervote, and post-move cleanup should be discussed within the RMs.g. See where the nom is coming from and must empathize. Generally, thai hieronta Varkaus the rationale should be an analysis of whether the closer properly followed Wikipedia:Requested moves/Closing instructions, whether it was within administrator discretion and reasonably interpreted consensus in the discussion, while keeping in mind the spirit of Wikipedia policy, precedent and project goal. He then opened a 2nd RM proposing several alternatives, including moving the DAB back where it came from. In the reason parameter, editors should limit their requests to one or both of the following reasons: Closer did not follow the spirit and intent of WP:rmci because explain rationale here in closing this requested move discussion. Closing reviews edit A nominated page should remain on move review for at least seven days. Put'r there 17:09, (UTC) 2019 North KoreaUnited States Hanoi Summit (closed) edit See also edit The current Wikipedia time is: 01:33, Wednesday, ( UTC ) To update time purge the cache! Jos sinulla on kysyttävä tai ehdotuksia, niin voit ottaa koska tahansa yhteyttä asiakaspalveluumme.


Thai Teen Threesome -. Typical move review decision options edit The following set of options represent the typical results of a move review decision, although complex page move discussions involving multiple title changes may require a combination of these options based. Put'r there 00:49, (UTC) @ Paine Ellsworth : As a moderately advanced Lua coder, I agree. Use the following template: move review talkdateDo not tag the article. Do not request a move review if someone has boldly moved a page and you disagree. The other option to the partial relisting was just to move the dab to the base name since there was no consensus on a primary topic (after the previous RM determined that the card game wasn't primary). This move has now created a new "status quo" in relation to the 2nd RM where, if no consensus develops, the DAB will remain at base (defaulting to JHunterJ's preference). Move review talkdateApril 24 2015 resultClosure endorsed. There were more users who supported the move than those who opposed, and based a katsastus raahe tallinn prostitutes on WP:roughconsensus, what matters is the strength of arguments. thai hieronta Varkaus


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